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Understanding Commercial Loan Documents

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Developed by a lawyer who has been teaching loan documentation for more than 25 years and taught at a basic level (for bankers, not lawyers), this training session covers the various required loan documents.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of why certain documents are required, plus the significance of various sections and language (often referred to as "boilerplate"). In other words, being able to explain document content will add much to customer relationships.What You'll Learn:
  • Promissory Note: The note is enforceable against the borrower! Review of each section for content, purpose, rights of all parties and scope of language
  • Security Agreement: The security agreement is enforceable against collateral. Review of each section for content, purpose, rights of all parties, representations and warrantees, plus enforceability
  • UCC-1: The instructions (on back of form) contain important information on how to correctly prepare this critically important form. Correct or exact legal names, organization types and collateral description language are key issues
  • Guaranty: A guarantor gives up many rights and grants the bank many rights. Bankers need to understand the distinction between an individual guarantor and a business entity guarantor and the details of what the guarantor is agreeing to do
Understanding Commercial Loan Documents
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