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Trusts and Estates Training

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Training Courses For Handling Trusts And Estates

About Trust And Estate Planning Training For Bankers

As industry regulations have changed over time, banks have become more apt to offer a full range of services for their clientele; thus it is not uncommon for banks to feature what is either referred to as a Trust Department or Estate Administration Department. This area of the bank settles estates, administers trusts, and provides estate planning advice to its affluent clients.

As such, this department often is a very desired place for bank employees to advance their careers. Although there are no particular licensing requirements one must complete to work in trusts and estates, our specialized trust officer training and estate planning courses can give you the training you need to succeed, plus allow you to achieve estate planning certifications or designations. Bank Training Center offers customized solutions specific for your career stage, needs, and more!

Enjoy a successful Trusts and Estates career when you invest in estate and inheritance planning training now. Here is just some of what you will learn with our trust and estate training courses:
  • What are the differences between revocable and irrevocable trusts?
  • What does it mean when a trust is called a "living trust" versus a "testamentary trust"?
  • How does the financial institution establish the relationship, including changing titles and performing transactions (loans or deposits)?
  • How many co-trustees does it take to bind the trust?
  • When can a successor trustee do business for the trust?
  • Can a power of attorney be used with a trust document?
  • Can a trust own a safe deposit box?
  • Can a trust co-own an account with another trust (or person)?
  • What is the relationship between the customer, the attorney-in-fact and the financial institution?
  • What steps must a financial institution take to protect itself when relying on a Power of Attorney?
  • What language should the financial institution look for in the Power of Attorney document when completing a transaction for the attorney-in-fact?
  • How is a Power of Attorney revoked and when is that revocation binding on the financial institution?
  • What documents are required upon the death of an individual?
  • What actions should your financial institution take on deposit accounts owned by the decedent?
  • How should your financial institution deal with the decedent's estate?
  • What should your financial institution do if there isn't an estate?
  • How should your financial institution handle "death" as a default on a loan?

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Best-Selling Training Courses:

Instructor-Led: Webinars
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