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When an individual takes the initiative to earn credentials and designations in the financial industry, companies immediately take notice. They'll see you as someone who's adept in a particular area, interested in better helping customers, and they will likely consider you as a higher-priority candidate due that proficiency. To help you earn your certification, we've provided below a list of best-selling bank and mortgage certifications. Simply click a title to learn more.

Our Best-Selling Banking Certifications

Bank Training Center offers a comprehensive list of banking certifications to get you fully qualified and prepared and help you earn a particular banking certification or designation. Following is a list of common banking-related designations that can help improve your performance and income!
Certificate In BSA And AML Compliance A2025BSPOnline Training
Our ‘Certificate In BSA and AML Compliance’ will help banking professionals improve their ability to detect and prevent suspicious and criminal activity by providing an overview of the types of criminal behavior commonly used against banks.
Certificate In Deposit Compliance Bundle, CRCM, CERP, CAFP, CSOP, CFMP A2026BSPOnline Training
Our "Certificate In Deposit Compliance Program" covers the the rules and regulations governing deposits received by banks. These regulations cover savings, checking, credit cards, debit cards, and privacy, as well as rules for anti-money laundering, electronic funds transfer, advertising, and more!
Certified Regulatory Vendor Program ManagerOnline Training
The Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM) course provides you with the regulatory knowledge, methodology, and best practices required to build and manage a compliant 3rd party oversight program that meets FFIEC Guidance and GLBA 501(b) requirements - as well as OCC, FDIC, FRB, CFPB Guidance and Bulletins.
Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager - Level II: Risk MitigationOnline Training
The Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM®) Level II expands upon existing concepts from the CRVPM Level I course and introduces new concepts and content.
Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager - Level III: Vendor Value And ComparisonsOnline Training
This program dives into the 3rd party risk management program framework and each stage of its lifecycle, demonstrating the business value that should be driven from it.
Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager - Level IV: Business Continuity ManagementOnline Training
Business Continuity Management is a strategic and risk-based approach to ensuring business resilience in order to minimize disruptions and the associated losses.
Social Security AdvisorOnline Training
Many million Baby Boomers will soon apply for Social Security - and most of them will need personalized answers. This means that there is a tremendous demand for professionals that understand - and can advise - their clients on the multiple issues involved with how to register, use, and maximize their Social Security benefits. Act now to assist these clients and prospects with our Social Security Advisor training.
Certificate In Operational Risk Management A1032SPOnline Training
This course addresses the training needs across the bank’s three lines of defense and maintain a strong operational risk management program.
401(k) Training & Certification ProgramOnline Training
Our 401(k) Plan Training & Certification Program is loaded with information on plan design, administrative options, and compliance requirements to help you understand the many and complex 401(k) rules.
Required Minimum Distributions Training & Certification ProgramOnline Training
This course provides an overview of the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules under IRC section 401(a)(9), as they apply to defined benefit plans.
Internal Investigation Training & Certification Program OnlineOnline Training
The Internal Investigations Training & Certification Program teaches you about Internal Investigations: what they are, what causes them, what laws apply, how to perform them, and - perhaps most importantly - how they can be avoided.

Our Best-Selling Mortgage Certifications

Improve your knowledge, skills, and income with a mortgage industry certification!
Certified Mortgage ProcessorOnline Training
The Certified Mortgage Processor (NAMP®-CMP®) is a "professional development" training & certification program ideal for entry-level loan processors on the fast track looking to advance their mortgage processing career.
Certified Mortgage UnderwriterOnline Training
This comprehensive certification training program covers a variety of key mortgage processor training areas. The program consists of several instructor-led online training modules, including laws such as Due Diligence, Fair Lending, and the CFPB, as well as training for analyzing tax returns, appraisals, and DTI.
Certified Commercial UnderwriterOnline Training
This comprehensive certification training program covers a variety of commercial mortgage underwriting areas, including tax return analysis, appraisal review, calculating income, DTI, and LTV, and due diligence.
Mortgage Operations Professional Certificate ProgramOnline Training
Our "Mortgage Operations Professional Certificate Program" provides detailed training on processing, underwriting, servicing, quality control, and more for both residential and commercial loans.


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Why Are Bank Certifications Important?

While each certification carries its respective benefits, some general advantages to a bank certification or a banking designation include:
  • Enables you to stay up-to-date on the changes in bank regulations, policies, and procedures that impact your job function
  • Improves your understanding of how to apply various banking rules and regulations
  • Increases your value to your current organization
  • Helps you build a support network consisting of other certified banking professionals
  • Makes you a more attractive candidate to prospective employers
  • Exemplifies your commitment to your career in banking
  • It improves your overall marketability, as recruiters will take notice of your expanded experience and industry knowledge
  • When you're better prepared to handle a job's responsibilities and execute on that potential, you're likely to have increased job security in an age where companies are not afraid to move on from people
  • Individuals who hold certifications can earn up to 15-percent higher remuneration than the market average
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