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Mortgage Broker Training

Mortgage Broker Licensing, Training, And Certification

Mortgage Broker TrainingThe role of the mortgage broker is to assist individuals and businesses in obtaining a mortgage loan that is suitable for their financial needs. The mortgage broker typically acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the lender and must be licensed and familiar with the federal and state laws that regulate the mortgage industry.

Enjoy a successful mortgage broker career when you invest in mortgage training now. Bank Training Center offers customized solutions specific for your career stage, needs, and more. You can learn the daily duties and tasks that a mortgage broker is wholly responsible for through these specialized seminars and online classes.

Mortgage Broker Training

There are a number of duties and responsibilities that come with being a home loan broker. Your customers will each need unique solutions to fit their individual financial needs. For instance, you will need to be familiar with a range of state and federal regulations, rules, and procedures, because if you make an error anywhere, you will impact the overall mortgage loan package significantly.

How can you ensure that your suggestions and processes are the right ones for your clients? Are you certain that you are on top of all the latest offerings in the home loan industry? How can you stay on top of all the different home loan products and varieties that come into the financial market every day? How can you ensure that you will have all of the right answers, processes and more?

Use Bank Training Center to enroll in both basic and advanced education seminars to get the latest information in an easy and flexible manner!

Recommended Mortgage Licensing, Training, And Certification Courses

Mortgage Broker TrainingBank Training Center offers mortgage certifications and pertinent mortgage webcasts for your career needs. And to fit your busy schedule, we offer several formats for mortgage broker training, including online mortgage broker training and certifications, mortgage broker seminars and conferences, and self-study mortgage broker training materials. So whether you are an experienced broker or have just entered the financial loan industry, our training can help.

Simply click on our recommended Mortgage Licensing courses below or search under either "Licensing" or "Professional Development" in the search box below for your desired topic(s).

Recommended Training Courses:

Webinars Or Audio Conferences
Online Training Courses
Find Seminars, Webinars, And Online Training In Your Area
Earn your License quickly and easily!
Designations / Certifications
Improve your knowledge and industry standing!
Professional Development
Products & Services to help manage and grow your career!
Other Featured Training:

Getting The Most Out Of Personal Financial Statements

This discussion will explore other ways to view this information and understand who's behind the loans you are underwriting. It also will teach how to improve the documentation received and produce a more compliant borrower who provides better information.

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How To Maximize Your Business Development Options

This training session shows you how to avoid this trend, and covers alternative ways to think about compensation plans that are more aligned with the benefits received by the bank, yet competitive with other parties.

More Details / Order

How To Profit From Government Guaranteed Lending

This training session teaches you how to profit from the three most prominent government-guaranteed commercial lending programs: SBA, USDA’s B&I, and the Export-Import Bank.

More Details / Order

How To Manage Financial Intermediaries And Loan Brokers

Managing this "external sales force" can ensure that you avoid costly mistakes and drive more business to your bank, but should be done with a structured system that is applied uniformly to all third party intermediaries.

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How To Develop A Social Media Strategy

Find out why social media is integral to modern corporate communication, how to develop and implement an effective social networking strategy for your organization, plus best practices in professional social networking!

More Details / Order

Certified Loan Modification Officer

The loan modification process can be challenging, and proper training is imperative to insure that you follow the necessary procedures correctly and also that your client ends up with a correctly modified, helpful loan. This certification reassures your customers that you have the necessary knowledge to be trusted with the handling of their loan modification.

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Certified Foreclosure Specialist

It's no secret that the real estate market is having some challenges. Homes are being foreclosed at a record pace, leaving more and more properies available at discount prices. Foreclosed homes usually require a degree of patience in listing them and selling them, and this designation is uniquely equipped to give you the top notch training you need in this niche.

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Certified FHA Specialist (CFS)

This educational track is designed to provide a loan originator with a complete understanding of the entire origination, processing, underwriting and closing fundamentals of the FHA lending program and process.

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Certified Bank Foreclosure Examiner (NAMU®-CBFE)

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is calling for independent reviews of almost 4.5 million loans. According to the OCC, Bank Foreclosure Examiners will review the self-assessments, corrective actions, and any determinations of financial harm and related remediation in the next quarterly review or examination of the bank.

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On-Demand Loan Modification 101 - From A to Z

Loan Modifications are becoming very popular among mortgage professionals as a way to generate additional income. The industry is feeling more pressure to modify loans and now is the time to get educated with a quick and cost-effective three-hour instructor-led webinar.

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FHA Direct Endorsement - DE Underwriting

Our FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriting provides the training you need to adequately understand and underwrite mortgage loans to FHA standards. Upon completion of this FHA DE Underwriting course, the student will have a complete understanding of the FHA Direct Endorsement procedure.

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On-Demand FHA/VA Streamline Refinance 101

With the ability to be originated nationwide and with minimal documentation requirements, FHA Streamlines are fast becoming the next wave. This webinar teaches you everything you need to know about FHA streamline refinances.

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Loan Processing 101 - The Basics

This basic course provides an thorough understanding of mortgage loan processing from both a loan processor and underwriter’s point of view.

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Mortgage Underwriter 101 - The Essentials

With this mortgage underwriting course, you'll learn how to become a mortgage loan underwriter - everything from A to Z!

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Appraisal Review Workshop - Intensive Study of the Appraisal

Our Appraisal Analysis Workshop is a webinar designed to teach you the details that are required in each section of the real estate appraisal.

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Due Diligence - Learn Manual Underwriting

Whether you're unemployed and looking to enter the mortgage underwriting profession, or you're currently working at a bank or lender as an underwriter, this due diligence training program will provide the skills you need to succeed as an effective mortgage underwriter or processor.

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