Top 50 Safe Deposit Procedures

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The safe deposit operation is a unique, fast-changing service in the financial industry. It's the only product or service in which members of your staff don't know the value of a consumer's assets.

As a result, every vault transaction can lead to considerable liability. Effective procedures and sound daily practices can counteract and minimize this risk. Learn the "nuts and bolts" and recommended day-to-day operating procedures for your institution.

Test Your Procedures

Answer: (Y) YES    (N) NO    (NS) NOT SURE

_____    Can box keys be duplicated using silly putty and epoxy glue? 

_____    Will your part-time attendant make a good courtroom witness? 

_____    Do you follow the ten necessary steps when granting box access? 

_____    Do you have at least ten items included in your new box renter's kit? 

_____    Can FDIC/NCUA signs, logos or brochures create safe deposit liability?

_____    Can you purchase locksmith tools on EBAY that can open boxes in seconds?

_____    Are you providing a "No Insurance Disclosure Notice" to all new box renters?

_____    Do you require five types of identification from every signer on a new box contract?

_____    Are you aware of your liability if box access is allowed "before or after" lobby hours? 

_____    Do you know why you will lose a lawsuit if you are leaving anyone in your vault alone?

How did you do on the test? This presentation addresses these issues and much more.

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Top 50 Safe Deposit Procedures
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