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Strategies To Win The War: Capitalizing On Your Competitive Advantages

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About This Course:
All financial institutions have competitive advantages. Large banks have convenience (i.e., lots of locations) and large marketing budgets along with a host of other real and perceived benefits.

Small financial institutions often have a stronger connection to the local community, paired with the ability to know their customers or members more fully. Small financial institutions cannot win when they follow the lead of mega-banks in implementing service charges as well as adding complicated products and services.

Given these differences, all financial institutions must maximize opportunities to go beyond their core and/or traditional advantages by providing more solutions to more people.

Covered Topics:
  • Capitalize on your competitive advantages as a financial institution
  • Expand your market share
  • Monetize your customer or member base
Who Should Attend

This session is specifically geared for Marketing Executives; Chief Financial Officers; Retail Banking Executives and Operations Executives.

The Presenter:

David Carlson, Senior Vice President with Haberfeld Associates, has worked with clients for more than 12 years to implement and sustain system activities that allows them to see significant growth. He leads consulting meetings with Haberfeld client executive teams, helping them identify opportunities for increased growth and profitability.

David also presents at many bank-wide rallies and training meetings on topics such as new customer acquisition strategies, sales and marketing initiatives, revenue enhancement, strategic planning and team development. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Nebraska.
Strategies To Win The War: Capitalizing On Your Competitive Advantages
or via CD or On-Demand
Course Details
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