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Reg E Compliance - Five Best Practices for Handling Disputes

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What will regulators find when they examine your financial institution for Reg E compliance with error resolution procedures? o your employees know what is required? Do they know that a customer can write their PIN on a card and this will not be considered "negligent" if the card is lost or stolen?

This training session focuses on several simple steps for handling Reg E customer disputes and inquiries.

Understanding these rules will help you satisfy the regulators, but also can save your financial institution money by only paying the claims that you are required to reimburse for unauthorized transactions. Further, we will review the steps required to handle disputes and inquiries and the time frames for resolving a claim for an unauthorized transaction. The only way you can be sure that your front line staff is complying with this high-profile consumer protection regulation is by providing effective training> and providing sound procedures.
What You'll Learn:The basic disclosure requirements of Reg E and the definitions that guide the error resolution process.
  • What questions should you ask a customer about a disputed transaction?
  • What are five "best practices" for handling a Reg E dispute?
  • What should be included in an investigation report?
  • How do you determine if a customer is liable for an unauthorized transaction? You'll learn practical suggestions for conducting and documenting an investigation.
  • Resources to educate customers about fraud prevention
  • Note: This webinar will NOT address Visa or MasterCard zero liability rules; only the Federal Reg E dispute provisions are included.
    Reg E Compliance - Five Best Practices for Handling Disputes
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