Loyalty Marketing Ideas

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When your bank and the products and services you offer are the same as every other bank, then what you sell becomes a commodity. After all, every bank has money, makes loans, offers CDs, and has checking accounts.

When your offerings feel different to the customer - and those standard bank services become more appealing - then customers will choose you for the long term.

So...if you wish to set yourself apart from the competition, win more customers sooner, and keep them forever, you must change the way in which you approach your customers and the way you present your products.

This webinar will help you create a roadmap to the de-commoditization of your bank’s products and services and enable you to win and keep customers throughout their lives and inter-generationally.

This "Cradle To Grave" approach will allow you to:
  • Maximize revenue from your existing customers
  • Cause customers to bank only with you
  • Focus your customers' attention on value not price
  • Cause your customers to proactively recommend you to family and friends

Identifying and pursuing specific markets

Which are your best and most profitable markets
  • Identify-long hanging fruit
  • What products and services are the best matches
  • What messages resonate with the audience
  • What elements are at your disposal to set your bank apart from the competition
Cognitive Resonance versus Cognitive Dissonance
  • How to ensure your products and services are perceived as the best value
  • Why the lowest price is often worse than the highest price
Analyze the emotional drivers that cause people to want to do business with you
  • Free checking is dead or dying, what technology makes people want you
  • Learn to make your products and technology more appealing than your competitor’s (even when it is the same thing)
  • Learn to make value more important than price
Children’s Checking – the key to future business with the child and the parent
  • Learn to capture that new generation beginning in the First Grade (without administrative costs and non profitable accounts)
  • Use your kid appeal to create Parent Satisfaction
  • Uncover a simple, proactive approach to winning over a whole new generation of bank customers
Loyalty Marketing Ideas
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