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About This Course:
Everyone knows you can only do one rollover per “IRA” in a 12-month period – right? But, what is the definition of an “IRA”? Is it an IRA account? An IRA plan? or an IRA plan type?

The actual verbiage on this has always been a little gray and subject to interpretation. But in a landslide, mind-blowing court case, the whole rollover world has been turned upside down. Big changes and clarifications regarding rollovers became effective in 2015, and we'll cover them and get you up to speed. As you can see below, this is a jam-packed informational Webinar.

Covered Topics:
  • Why is it important to QUALIFY the money coming into the financial institution?
  • What are the three questions that should be verified?
  • What is the IRS definition of an IRA for rollover qualification purposes?
  • What happens if an IRA accountholder exceeds the once-per-12-month rule?
  • What are the alternatives to moving money from IRA to IRA if not a “rollover”?
  • What are the transition rules for 2014 and 2015 rollovers?
  • Which IRA Forms are used, and how is the movement reported to the IRS?
  • When does the financial institution have to verify transactions with the other institution?
  • What’s the difference between an IRA Transfer, an IRA Rollover and a Qualified Plan Rollover?
  • Moving money from a Traditional to a Roth or QP to a Roth – Conversion vs. Rollover?
  • What is a Recharacterization between plan types?
  • Most importantly… How do you correctly code the above transactions to the IRS?
Who Should Attend

This is a "must-attend" webinar for anyone - even remotely - involved in IRAs including, frontline, back office, call center, investment department, and trust department personnel.

About The Presenter

Patrice M. Konarik is president of Sunwest Training Corp. founded over 20 years ago and is located in the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio, Texas. With over 30 years experience in the financial industry, Patrice has focused her expertise on the retirement and new account areas and is currently providing live training and webinars on these subjects on a nationwide basis. She has a BS In Management Science from New York's Binghamton University. Many state banking associations and other organizations use her as their main source for training on these complicated topics. Patrice's upbeat personality and former banking experience easily encourages interaction and questions during the training sessions.
IRAs: Intermediate
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