Endorsements on Fiduciaries, Trusts, Estates, and Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Negotiate

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About This Course:
Trusts, Estates, and business accounts all have individuals who own assets and receive checks. These entities have big dollars and high risks when handling their checks. The questions of who can endorse these types of checks and how they should be endorsed will be addressed in this informative program.

If you have ever wondered how, when and why of endorsements on high level items this is the program for you. Take a look at the common questions that will be answered in this must attend program. Every teller at every financial institution will enjoy this practical and informative program.What You'll Learn:
  • Can businesses every cash checks? Get cash back? Deposit personal checks into business accounts?
  • How should a fiduciary endorse a check?  On a UTMA how does the custodian endorse the check?  How does a representative payee endorse a check?
  • Can a deceased person endorse a check?  Can the executor endorse a check?  What about tax payments and social security benefit checks?  Who if anyone can endorse a check for a deceased person?  Does it matter what kind of check?
  • Can a trustee deposit a trust check into a personal account?  Can a personal check of a trustee be deposited into a trust account?  How should trust checks be endorsed?
  • Does your financial institution take third party checks?  How should the check be endorsed?
  • All of these and many more questions will be answered in this important check program.
Endorsements on Fiduciaries, Trusts, Estates, and Business Accounts: Who is Authorized to Negotiate
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