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Community Bank Strategies And Trends For Success

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While the day to day pressures of managing balance sheets and regulatory requirements seem overwhelming, smart banks sense that the weight of competitive pressures make it even more important to develop and execute on strategies that will ensure their banks' success going forward.

This webinar will look at emerging trends in banking products and services, and provide keen insight into developing the infrastructure, tools, and staff needed to deliver them successfully.

We will also discuss technology realities and how they are managed as well as IT components. You will gain valuable insight on how to be successful with technology and we will also touch on alternate branching strategies. This is going to be a solution-oriented course you won't want to miss.


Directors and Technology
Technology Realities
  • Customers Preferentially Choose Electronic Channels
  • Opportunities for Productivity and Profitability
  • Must Be Managed as a Business Unit
Key Components of IT
  • Infrastructure
  • Processing Systems
  • Customer Facing Solutions
Key Concepts for Success With Technology
  • Manage Your People Well
  • Reconcile IT Strategy With Enterprise
  • Demand a Business Focus
  • Keep It Safe
Alternate Branching Strategies
  • Support Expansion Without Traditional Investment
  • Service Levels in Branches
  • Universal Banker Concept
  • Solution-Oriented
About The Presenter

Trent Fleming
  • Has served as a trusted adviser to financial institutions for more than three decades, on matters of technology, strategy, and management
  • Serves on the faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin and the Advanced Banking School at Penn State University
  • Regularly contributes articles to industry publications, and publishes a very popular banking newsletter
  • Frequently published in Industry Publications
  • Regular speaker to state and national banking associations
  • Software industry experience as a strategic sales executive
  • Developed a consulting practice for a Regional CPA Firm
  • B.S. degree in economics and finance, Christian Brothers University
Community Bank Strategies And Trends For Success
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Course Details
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