Business Accounts: Advanced Issues

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About This Course:
There are many types of business accounts with many different ways to do business at our financial institution's today.

What can be challenging is who is authorized to open, close and transact business at all the different avenues for business. We now bank businesses online, with debit cards and also remotely.

How do we set up these accounts and then change them as the businesses change? What happens when a partner dies? What happens when the sole proprietor dies? Can you keep the same EIN if a sole proprietorship incorporates? What if the LLC members are other businesses? How do they sign? And it goes on.

Understanding authority on the different types of business accounts may keep you from making mistakes that can be costly to your organization.What You'll Learn:
  • Changing signers on business accounts
  • What happens when an owner dies on a business account?
  • Can a business account have a Pay on Death designation?
  • Can a partner remove another partner?
  • How do we give debit cards on business accounts?  Where is the liability?
  • How do we run Customer Identification Programs on business accounts?
  • Can we have a power of attorney on a business account?
  • With the new complicated limited liability company, how can we tell who is authorized to remove who when they are all managing members?
  • Resolutions, signature cards and endorsements
  • NEW CDD Rules affect many business account issues
Business Accounts: Advanced Issues
or via CD or On-Demand
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