BSA: New Customer And Due Diligence Requirements

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The cornerstone of a strong BSA/AML compliance program is the adoption and implementation of comprehensive CDD policies, procedures, and processes for all customers, particularly those that present a higher risk for money laundering and terrorist financing.

The objective of CDD should be to enable the bank to predict with relative certainty the types of transactions in which a customer is likely to engage. These processes assist the bank in determining when transactions are potentially suspicious.

The concept of CDD begins with verifying the customer's identity and assessing the risks associated with that customer. Processes should also include enhanced CDD for higher-risk customers and ongoing due diligence of the customer base. Proposed CDD Regulations require you to identify beneficial ownership.

These new proposed requirements will become a part of your CDD program. Learn how to move from the CDD program you have to the new version. How to change your BSA policy, worksheets and processes to accommodate the new structure and form.

Effective CDD policies, procedures, and processes provide the critical framework that enables the bank to comply with regulatory requirements and to report suspicious activity. Learn how to manage an effective Customer Due Diligence Program.What You'll Learn:
  • Customer Due Diligence Guidance
  • Customer Risk
  • Developing questions and worksheets to understand the customer's business
  • Developing an Enhanced Due Diligence Program
  • Purpose of the account
  • Source of funds and wealth
  • Individuals with ownership or control over the account, such as beneficial owners, signatories, or guarantors
  • Occupation or type of business (of customer or other individuals with ownership or control over the account)
  • Financial statements
  • Banking references
  • Domicile (where the business is organized)
  • Proximity of the customer's residence, place of employment, or place of business to the bank
  • Description of the customer's primary trade area and whether international transactions are expected to be routine
  • Description of the business operations, the anticipated volume of currency and total sales, and a list of major customers and suppliers
  • Explanations for changes in account activity.
BSA: New Customer And Due Diligence Requirements
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