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What Today's Bankers Need To Know About Serving The New Industrial Hemp Industry

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About This Course:
It is almost unheard that a literally brand-new industry is created. But that is the reality that America's bankers face with the new industrial hemp industry.

There are now many types of hemp-related businesses and all of them could benefit from access to the nation's financial infrastructure. At the same time, bankers see a new class of customers for their accounts, lending and treasury management services.

This webinar will provide bankers with a working understanding of the federal and state laws governing this exploding industry, including the flourishing hemp-derived CBD market, and will venture forecasts for future legal and regulatory developments that could affect the industry.

Further, the specifics of banking to this new industry will be covered. We begin with the banking laws and regulations at play when on-boarding new hemp-related business accounts, including the Bank Secrecy Act. Making loans to hemp-related businesses have their own issues and will be explored. Last, attention will be given to the bank's treasury management service offerings, including the currently problematic area of credit card acceptance by certain CBD retail merchants.What You'll Learn:A New Industry Is Born: What Is the Industrial Hemp Industry and How Was It Created
  • Focus on Current Federal Law
  • Focus on Sundry States' Laws and Licensing
  • Discussion of Important Unresolved Legal and Regulatory Issues Facing This Industry
Banking the Hemp-Related Business
  • Depository Account Relationships
  • The Bank Secrecy Act
  • OnBoarding New Commercial Accounts
  • Lending Relationships
  • Credit Risk Overview
  • Collateral Issues
  • Workout Concerns
  • Treasury Management Services
  • Credit Card Acceptance and Acquiring
What Today's Bankers Need To Know About Serving The New Industrial Hemp Industry
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