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What Banks Are Doing To Streamline Small Business Lending

Webinar: ID# 1036995
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About This Course:
Small businesses are a significant part of every bank's market area, and serving the needs of small businesses and their owners can be a real growth opportunity for deposits and loans.

The challenge for many banks is to find a way to profitably serve this segment of customers. Applying traditional commercial lending practices to small loans is not efficient and attracting new small business relationships in traditional ways is not very productive.

During this presentation Crowe experts will describe how banks must rethink the use of technology, process workflows, job roles, expectations, and portfolio risk management to profitably grow in the small business segment. Examples of what Crowe sees banks doing effectively to streamline small business lending will be shared.What You'll Learn:
  • Describe how small business lending processes can be streamlined
  • Explain the types of technologies being used for small business lending
  • Identify key elements of a more effective approach to small business lending
What Banks Are Doing To Streamline Small Business Lending
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