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Vendor Site Visits

Online Course: ID# 1004722
Price: $499.00
About This Course:
Going on a vendor site visit could either be a waste of time and money or it could be extremely beneficial if it is planned properly and goals are set. However, without advance planning and knowing what to ask and look for, you're at the mercy of the vendor's agenda which does not always match yours.

This course begins with the planning and preparation stages so that you set an agenda for yourself in order to come away with the information you need to make intelligent business decisions about the vendor relationship.

The course includes observations you should be making before you even set foot in the vendor's facility and questions that you should be asking once you arrive. We even dive into the "intangibles" that you should develop a feel for about the vendor's staff and their interactions with one another.

The included Site Visit ScoreCard examines 14 functional areas and provides more than 340 questions to choose from depending upon the type of vendor you visit and the goals that you set in the planning stage. With it, each of the functional areas below can be scored and rated against your own risk tolerance, and then they all roll up into an overall score and vendor rating:
  • Facility Access
  • Corporate Structure and Strategy
  • HR & Staffing
  • Physical & Environmental Controls
  • Technical Access Controls
  • Network Security
  • Patch & Change Management
  • Data Management
  • Security Policy
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Incident Response
  • Business Resilience
  • Hosted Application Controls
  • 4th Party Management
Included Materials:
  • Course Workbook
  • Site Visit Planning Worksheet
  • Vendor Site Visit ScoreCard
  • Certificate of Completion
Who Should Take This Course:

Vendor Management staff, IT staff, COO, CIO, BCP/DR Team, Compliance and Risk

How To Access This Course:

This course, as well as the Certification, is provided through the Compliance Education Institute. The Institute will email you directly with access instructions for taking your course and starting the process towards earning your CRVPM Certification once you order the course!

Prerequisite: None, though students may want to earn the CRVPM
Vendor Site Visits
Price: $499.00
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