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Understanding Fiduciary Relationships And Accounts

Webinar: ID# 1038081
Recorded On-Demand
About This Course:
This training session helps you to better understand fiduciary relationships. It covers the strategies to achieve legal goals, strategies aimed at avoiding litigation, and the latest trends in fee litigation in accounts.What You'll Learn:Turf Wars-Competing Fiduciaries
  • Health Care Proxies vs. Guardianships
  • Durable Powers of Attorneys vs. Conservatorships
  • Conservators vs. Trustees
Competing Rights Between the Fiduciary and the Individual
  • Individuals Right to Counsel
  • Who Call the Shots- the Guardian or the Individual
Hot Topics in Accounts
  • Fiduciary Fees
  • Legal Fees
Understanding Fiduciary Relationships And Accounts
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