The Volcker Rule: Ensure Your Bank Is Compliant

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About This Course:
As the Volcker Rule was being implemented, the OCC, one of the regulatory agencies in charge of implementing it, estimated that its cost to the banking industry could run into the billions.

As the Volcker Rule approaches its ninth birthday (and the Dodd-Frank Act that created it nears its twelfth), the OCC's estimate has been fully borne out. While the banking industry has settled in with the Volcker Rule (with perhaps varying degrees of grudging acceptance), significant compliance requirements, especially for large and complex banks, are ongoing.

This course will teach you what the Volcker Rule is, where it came from, and what institutions and entities are impacted by the rule. This material will also review how the rule has changed over the decade or so it has existed, what its current requirements are, including requirements that form the backbone of a Volcker Rule compliance program.What You'll Learn:Introduction and Background
  • What Is the Volcker Rule?
  • Where Did the Volcker Rule Come From and Why Does It Exist?
  • Who Does the Volcker Rule Impact?
What Does the Volcker Rule Do?
  • Key Terminology
  • Proprietary Trading Limitations
  • Covered Fund Limitations
  • Compliance Program Requirements
How Has the Volcker Rule Changed Since It Was Enacted?
  • EGRRCPA Changes (Congress, 2018)
  • Regulatory Agency Changes, 2018-2020
Key Elements of the Current Volcker Rule Compliance Regime
  • For Banking Entities With Significant TALs
  • Simplified Program for Banking Entities With Moderate TALs
The Volcker Rule: Ensure Your Bank Is Compliant
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