Small Business Lending In A Post-COVID World

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About This Course:
We certainly have evolved into a new and unusual age in banking, and in compliance in particular. The entire model of consumer and commercial banking has changed before our eyes, and many emergency measures were taken by Congress and the regulatory agencies (including SBA) in response to the pandemic. What will happen now after these measures are rescinded? How will you adapt your efforts to best serve your small business customers and remain in compliance with the many standards?

In this webinar, we'll go into detail about compliance standards in small business lending. We'll discuss the wrap-up and any residual activities from the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). We'll also provide some timely reminders of various compliance requirements on small business lending, with emphasis on issues that are evolving and changing, to ensure your programs remain best-in-class so that you can be prepared to handle the next set of challenges thrown your way.What You'll Learn:
  • Remaining regulatory guidance on PPP loans and other SBA programs - what is left to do?
  • Loan modification requests - how should these be handled?
    • Handling late or missing payments
    • Disclosure and other requirements, including fair lending and UDAP/UDAAP
  • Additional compliance guidance around commercial lending, including:
    • Appraisals (new requirements)
    • Flood insurance (including rules on private insurance)
    • Fair lending (2021's chief issue)
    • BSA/AML requirements, including changes and new rules
Small Business Lending In A Post-COVID World
or via CD or On-Demand
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