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Relieving Sales and Use Tax Determination Headaches

Webinar: ID# 1037312
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About This Course:
Post-Wayfair, physical presence is no longer a safe harbor. Sales and use tax professionals are faced with the legal and practical challenges of learning as many as 50 different state sales and use tax laws and regulations as well as a myriad of local taxing jurisdictions. No one could possibly learn all of the different state requirements and yet our jobs demand it. Remote workers working across state lines create additional issues. This topic reveals some of the secrets to working in a multistate environment and triaging issues in a systematic way. Learn the different types of taxing states which greatly reduces the complexity of a 50-state environment. Five states don't even have sales and use taxes. Learn the recent developments affecting nexus and reduce audit exposure from multistate audits. Sales and use tax audits are inevitable; learn techniques for navigating the hazards and negotiating with auditors and reducing the amount they assert your organization owes.What You'll Learn:Overview
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • The Types of Taxing States
  • Streamlined and Non-Streamlined
  • Common Exemptions and Exclusions
  • How to Evaluate Where Your Organization Has Nexus
  • Marketplace Collection and Reporting
  • Measuring Your Organization's Exposure
  • State Tax Voluntary Disclosures
Audit Techniques
  • Negotiating With Auditors
  • Techniques for Reducing Liabilities
  • Challenging State Tax Audits
Relieving Sales and Use Tax Determination Headaches
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