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Pandemic Planning - A New Reality, New Regulatory Guidance: Are You Prepared

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About This Course:

With the recent pandemic classification of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the March 6 release of the FFIEC updated Pandemic Plan, now is a good time to review your Pandemic Plan and complete a tabletop test to help ensure your institution is prepared.

The key elements of a Pandemic Plan includes: Establishing a preventative program, developing and documenting a strategy scaling your pandemic efforts, develop a framework to continue operations, establish a testing program, and establish an oversight program for continued review and updating. Your Plan should also establish responsibilities for the Board, senior management, and staff. Pandemic planning is an enterprise-wide issue and while there are specific technology challenges and issues it is not solely an IT problem.

While the November 2019 FFIEC Business Continuity Management (BCM) Booklet doesn't specifically address pandemic planning, aspects of the BCM need to incorporate pandemic planning like the business impact analysis and risk assessment. You should also review third party dependencies and potential supply chain issues. The FFIEC also issued a statement on March 9 encouraging financial institutions to meet the needs of customers and communities affected by the Coronavirus.

What You'll Learn:
  • FFIEC guidance and expectations
  • Best practices for developing the Plan
  • Recommendations for pandemic test scenarios
  • Communications with staff, customers, regulators
  • Mitigation and controls

Who Should Attend:

Information Security Officers, IT Officers, Risk Officers, Internal Auditors, Senior Management, Board Members, anyone interested in or involved in pandemic planning.

Pandemic Planning - A New Reality, New Regulatory Guidance: Are You Prepared
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