Managing with Assertive Confidence

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Passive, Aggressive or Assertive? Understanding the Winning Management Balance
  • The difference between passive, assertive, and aggressive management — and how to define a management style that avoids the extremes
  • 9 common passive traits — and whether any of these traits interfere with your effectiveness
  • The basic motivations of "bully" managers — and why an aggressive approach is disastrous
  • 10 typical reasons why new managers fail — and tactics to avoid making the same mistakes
  • 10 attitudes common to winning managers and assertive positives you can build on for future success
  • 5 simple questions that determine whether you have natural assertive tendencies
Your "Attitude Inventory" Taking Stock Of Beliefs That Drive Your Behavior
  • The 4 basic tenets of assertive behavior — and how they can guide you through every situation and challenge
  • 10 down-to-earth ways to increase your self-respect and esteem
  • Your 10 basic rights, and what you should — and shouldn't — expect from yourself and others
  • How you can benefit from self-declaration — and get more control over your job, your career, and your life
  • The 5 areas you must take responsibility for when developing a more assertive style
  • 10 common irrational beliefs that lead to non-assertive behavior
Communication Essentials Exchanging Information The Assertive Way
  • The 7 main components of effective, assertive communication, and ways to adapt them to your day-to-day activities
  • How to express your opinions and thoughts in a direct way — without attacking or alienating others
  • Sound steps to more productive two-way communication that allows you to compromise and achieve more win-win outcomes
  • How to influence others through emotional appeals that are sincere and genuine, never "sappy" or weak
  • Why "you's" must become "I's" when you confront someone
  • It's not what you say, it's how you say it — how to avoid inadvertently sending the wrong message
  • A clever approach that delivers a firm message by asking questions
The Assertive Supervisor Dealing With Employees Firmly, Fairly And Confidently
  • The secret to refusing a request without feeling guilty: 4 questions to ask yourself before turning someone down
  • How to spell out and enforce limits for employees to solve common problems such as absenteeism, tardiness, and missed deadlines
  • 10 solid principles for setting rules and policies that employees understand and respect
  • How giving employees constructive feedback instead of constructive criticism prevents defensiveness and finds solutions to the problems at hand
  • 9 surefire steps to help you discuss — and solve — recurring problems with employees
  • Why assigning tasks to employees the right way ensures work gets done correctly and on time
  • 5 solid guidelines for giving recognition and praise so that you feel good, and your employees feel great!
The Total Communicator Using An Innovative Range of Communication Tools
  • Negative words that can put a bad spin on communication with coworkers
  • 3 ways to alter your voice to communicate more clearly, assertively, and meaningfully
  • Unintentional messages you may be sending through body language and facial expressions
  • 6 specific ways to become a better listener and open new lines of communication
  • How to hear and interpret the total message — not just words, but subtle changes in tone, inflection, and body language
  • The critical mechanics of feedback: how to give and receive better follow-up communication
Day-To-Day Dilemmas Handling And Solving Common Management Problems
  • A simple 3-part communication model that guarantees you'll stand up to pressure with cool-headed confidence
  • 6 ways to hold your ground in the face of hostility or aggression
  • 8 specific guidelines for saying "no" effectively and handling even touchy situations without creating hard feelings or resentment
  • How to tell whether you're being fairly or unfairly criticized
  • A proven approach that helps you receive criticism in a positive way — without getting angry or feeling guilty
  • 6 no-nonsense actions you can take when someone finds fault with your performance
  • A 12-part formula that helps you deal with everyday conflict
  • How to manage disagreement and conflict with people in power — your bosses, customers, or top managers
  • Tips for accepting compliments with grace and confidence, and receiving praise without seeming boastful or immodest
Managing with Assertive Confidence
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