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Loan Modifications: What Are the Compliance Issues?

Webinar: ID# 1042591
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About This Course:
Almost every lender has had distressed borrowers that need help. What type of help should you provide? And when you make that decision, what compliance implications are involved?

Making changes to existing loans is a challenging endeavor. Lenders are facing unprecedented requests to make changes to loans of all types - mortgages, credit cards, consumer loans, small business loans, and so forth.

What are the critical compliance implications when dealing with these requests? What types of disclosures must be provided, if any? Must new appraisals be obtained (and how do we do that if appraisers can't do on-site work?) Must rescission rights be provided?

This webinar provides a comprehensive look at the regulations and issues related to making changes to loans of all types.What You'll Learn:
  • Disclosure requirements, if any
  • Appraisal requirements
  • Flood insurance
  • Tax implications
  • Defaults and special requirements in place
  • Troubled Debt Restructuring (TDR) issues
  • Fair lending implications
  • Handling borrower requests and complaints
  • Dealing with government-backed loans - new pronouncements
  • HMDA and CRA reporting
  • Consumer, mortgage, and commercial loan issues
  • BSA issues, including beneficial owner requirements
  • E-SIGN and Remote Online Notarization (RON)
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Loan Modifications: What Are the Compliance Issues?
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