Latest Developments In Consumer Credit Reports

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Live on 7/29/2022 from 1:00pm till 2:05pm EST or via On-Demand
About This Course:
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a wide-ranging statute governing the collection, maintenance, and disclosure of consumers' personal credit information.

In addition to regulating consumer reporting agencies, the FCRA imposes obligations upon furnishers and third-party users of credit information. As FCRA litigation continues to rise nationwide and compliance risks shift accordingly, it is more important than ever for industry actors alike to be familiar with the FCRA and its implications.

This course will help those responsible for compliance and related litigation to understand better the scope and extent of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

This material will also highlight common scenarios that occur within the credit reporting space and explain potential legal hazards and related outcomes, including the possibility of monetary awards and even enforcement action. This course is critical for industry professionals and their counsel to ensure they are complying with the FCRA both to improve operations and minimize risk.What You'll Learn:Introduction to the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Statutory Scope
  • Covered Entities
Common Claims and Sources of Liability
  • Failing to Properly Investigate Consumer Disputes
  • Issuing Consumer Reports for an Impermissible Purpose
  • Failing to Follow Reasonable Procedures for Ensuring Accurate Information
  • Identity Theft and Fraudulent Account Issues
Private Remedies and Public Enforcement
  • Causes of Action
  • Damages
  • Common Defenses
  • Enforcement Authority
Special Considerations
  • Preemption of State Law Claims
  • Class Actions
  • Impact of COVID-19
Latest Developments In Consumer Credit Reports
Live on 7/29/2022 from 1:00pm till 2:05pm EST or via On-Demand
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