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IRAs Part 1 - The Basics 2023

Webinar: ID# 1041832
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About This Course:
The IRA Basics will kick off with a review of the most common IRA terminology and how it effects IRA reporting the IRS. We will then review the forms used to establish a plan for a new customer vs. supplemental forms for existing IRA customers.

Next, we compare the plan types such as a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA and SEP IRA by discussing A-Z the rules and regulations on contribution limits, tax deductions, type of interest earned and distribution requirements.What You'll Learn:
  • When do we have to open a new set of plan documents for existing IRA customers and when do we use just supplemental forms?
  • What are the disclosures an IRA customer must receive when opening a new plan?
  • What are the new contributions limits for Traditional and Roth IRAs?
  • When can a customer deduct an IRA contribution and how does it affect our IRS reporting?
  • When is the interest really tax-free on a Roth IRA?
  • When do mandatory distributions start from a Traditional IRA?
  • How can the customer move their Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA and what are the tax consequences?"
IRAs Part 1 - The Basics 2023
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