Introduction To Individual Retirement Accounts(IRAs): Types And Contribution Rules

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About This Course:
56% of individuals that can retire remain at work because of financial reasons. One of the perks of working is the ability to take pre-tax or after-tax dollars and place those in a retirement account.

Many working in state institutions, universities, public schools, or first responders use a retirement package known as a pension. Qualified retirement plans offer savers a tax-advantaged way to grow savings while also creating liquidity for retirement. The benefit of saving for retirement in a qualified plan is your ability to defer paying income tax on earnings until you actually need it.

There are many retirement plans, and also there is a difference between qualified and non-qualified plans. This course will illustrate the definitions and benefits so that you can make good plans for your future.What You'll Learn:
  • Understand the Variety of Plans to Make a More Informed Decision About Retirement
  • Learn the Differences Between IRA, 401(k), 457(b), Roth, and 529 Plans
  • Understand the Income Gap From Plan Benefits to Your Required Expectations
  • Identify the Plan or Plans That Make the Most Financial Sense for Your Clients
  • Separate the Retirement Myths From Facts so That You Can Retire When You Want, How You Want
  • Compare and Contrast the Variety of Tax Benefits and Savings
  • Learn How to Get Immediate Assistance and Make Proper Retirement Preparations
Introduction To Individual Retirement Accounts(IRAs): Types And Contribution Rules
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