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Fraudulent Cashier's Checks - Best Practices For Avoiding Losses

Webinar: ID# 1042384
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About This Course:
According to FinCEN in 2022, the banking industry saw an 84% increase in check fraud totaling in excess of $34.4 billion. Counterfeit and altered cashier's checks were behind many of these frauds. Learn why cashier's checks pose a significant risk to banks and the best practices for limiting losses on these items.What You'll Learn:
  • The unique dilemma cashier's checks pose to banks
  • The factors that create a ""Holder in Due Course"" and why this status is important to cashier's checks
  • Why stop payments are virtually impossible to place on cashier's checks
  • When and how to use a Declaration of Loss affidavit
  • The difference between counterfeit and altered cashier's checks and why it matters
  • Tips for processing cashier's checks in order to avoid losses
Fraudulent Cashier's Checks - Best Practices For Avoiding Losses
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