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Collections Law

Seminar: ID# 1281164
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Live Online Seminar
9am-4pm EDT; 8am-3pm CDT
Eastern Time Zone
6/26/2024 (9:00 - 16:00 local time)
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About This Course:
Collect What Is Owed To You - Legally, Fairly, And Promptly

In this comprehensive one-day seminar, you'll discover information, strategies and techniques to help you collect debts more swiftly, protect your assets more effectively and minimize the risk of costly lawsuits, fines and judgments being levied against you.

Whether you collect primarily from consumers, businesses, or large corporations, what you learn in this seminar will make your job that much easier!

Don't Just Assume You're In Compliance...Be Absolutely Positive!

Did you know that even one harmless mistake can put you in violation of the FDCPA and set you up for a costly, time-consuming legal battle? What you learn here will enable you to take a careful look at your organization's collection policies and procedures, adjust them if necessary, and ensure that your collection practices are within the law at all times.What You'll Learn:
  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Collection practices that put you in violation of the FDCPA
  • Strategies and techniques to gain faster results
  • Legal action - know when to consider it, and understand your limitations
  • Requirements to remain compliant with all government laws and regulations
  • Collections agencies - how they work, when an agency fits your needs, and how to protect your interests
  • How and when to document your actions
You also will become familiar with specific collection activities and practices that can put you in violation of the FDCPA. Then, you'll learn alternative methods of handling your debtors that won't land you in a legal bind.

With the skills, strategies, and tools you'll master here, you'll find that collecting money owed to you is faster, easier and less stressful than you ever thought possible.

Most importantly, you'll gain a clearer understanding of the legal machinations involved in the collection process...and never again make uninformed decisions that could place your organization under legal duress.
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Sorry, but this seminar took place already.

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