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Call Report Preparation - 2 Day Live Streaming

About This Course:
This immersive 2-day live streaming webinar is designed to offer valuable insights into the latest developments in the Call Report. Throughout the event, we will delve into new, proposed, and revised changes, with a focus on specific Call Report line items that are directly affected.

Attendees can expect comprehensive discussions on accounting guidance and regulatory changes. This program is tailored to equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the evolving reporting landscape effectively. Staying well-informed is key to ensuring that your financial institution is fully compliant and prepared for the dynamic world of financial reporting.

This training program offers a versatile learning experience. It caters to both new preparers, providing fundamental training, and experienced preparers, offering in-depth coverage of advanced topics. The content structure ensures that everyone benefits.

Participants will receive handout materials to assist them in following the training agenda. While the primary focus will be on the FFIEC 041 and 051 forms, it's important to note that if your bank files the FFIEC 031 report, the information presented will still be advantageous.

To make the most of this training, it is recommended that participants come prepared. Bringing a copy of their recent Call Report or printing out a blank copy of the applicable FFIEC form for their bank can enhance the learning experience and facilitate a better understanding of the topics covered.

Included Webinars:
  • Call Report Preparation Streaming Day 1
  • Call Report Preparation Streaming Day 2
What You'll Learn:Call Report Preparation Streaming Day 1
April 3, 2024 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
What You'll Learn:
A summary of the reporting impact and the implementation timelines for new Accounting Standards Updates (ASU) related to the following will be discussed:
  • Reference Rate Reform under ASU 2020-04
  • Lease Accounting under ASU 2016-02
  • Credit Loss Accounting (CECL) under ASU 2016-13 to include regulatory reporting matters
  • Troubled Debt Restructuring under ASU 2022-02
The following schedules will be covered, however, not all line items within each schedule will be discussed (subject to change):
  • Schedule RC - Report of Condition
  • Schedule RI - Report of Income
Report of Income schedules:
  • RI-A - Changes in Equity Capital
  • RI-B - Charge-Offs and Recoveries
  • RI-C - Allowance for Credit Losses
  • RI-E - Explanations
Report of Condition schedules:
  • RC-A - Cash and Due From Banks
  • RC-B - Securities
  • RC-F - Other Assets
  • RC-G - Other Liabilities
Call Report Preparation Streaming Day 2
April 4, 2024 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
What You'll Learn:
The following schedules will be covered, however, not all line items within each schedule will be discussed (subject to change):
  • RC-C - Loans
  • RC-E - Deposits
  • RC-K - Average Balances
  • RC-L - Unused Commitments & Off-Balance Sheet Items
  • RC-M - Memoranda
  • RC-N - Past Due, Nonaccruals & TDRs
  • RC-O - Insurance Assessments
  • RC-P - Mortgage Banking Activities
  • RC-Q - Reporting Fair Value Assets and Liabilities
  • RC-R Part I - Capital Ratios and the CBLR
  • RC-R Part II - Risk Weighting Assets (with a focus on the loan portfolio and unfunded commitments)
  • RC-S - Servicing, Securitization, Sales
  • SU - Report 051 items covered with discussion of Form 041 corresponding items
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