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BSA/AML: Marijuana & Hemp

Webinar: ID# 1041928
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About This Course:
Banking marijuana-related businesses is complicated. In the eyes of the Federal Government, marijuana is still an illegal substance; however, it's legalization by individual states whether for medical or recreational complicates this issue even further. Staying on top of the BSA/AML implications and understanding the potential risks and red flags is imperative to keep your examiners at bay.What You'll Learn:
  • Guidance From FinCEN on Banking Cannabis-Related Customers
  • Hemp, CBD, and Marijuana... Know the Difference
  • The Industry Is Growing! What Should You Do?
  • Enhanced Customer Due Diligence Expectations
  • How To Appropriately Address Cannabis in YOUR BSA Program
  • What Should You Be Doing Differently Before Your Next Examination?
  • Your Questions, Plain English Answers & Much More!
BSA/AML: Marijuana & Hemp
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