Assessing The Effectiveness Of Your Vendor's BCP

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About This Course:
FFIEC recently released Appendix J: Strengthening the Resilience of Outsourced Technology Services, which detailed their expectations regarding what financial institutions should do to minimize outsourced service disruptions.

However, they neglected to mention how to ensure that your vendors are prepared for a disruption - and how to determine whether the vendors' Business Continuity Plans are feasible. This training session covers these areas for you.

About This Course

There's more to assessing a vendor's Business Continuity Plan (BCP) than ensuring that their Return To Operation (RTO) meets your needs.

For instance, how do you know whether they identified risks to themselves as well as to you, their customer? Have they taken into account interdependencies with other vendors - and have they identified single points of failure? And what happens if the vendor doesn't want to provide a copy of their plan?


This course steps you through the process to assess your vendor's Business Continuity Plan to determine whether it is feasible. By attending, you and your team will learn:
  • Issues driving regulatory change
  • FFIEC guidance requirements for a Business Continuity Plan
  • Benefits of a sound Vendor BCP
  • Steps to determine whether your vendor is prepared:

    • Feasibility Analysis of the vendor's BCP
    • Identification of Single Points Of Failure (SPOF)
    • Test Plan Objectives

  • Outsourcing the Business Continuity Function: DR Site Outsource issues
  • Are YOU prepared? The risks of an inadequate Vendor BCP
  • What If...? Alternatives when you can't get the vendor's BCP or you don't get what you ask for

Participants also receive our "Vendor BCP ScoreCard", which asks 48 questions across the following five components of the BCP:
  • Administrative
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Testing
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Pandemic Plan
Our "Vendor BCP ScoreCard" is an invaluable tool to analyze a vendor's BCP - or to use as an interview questionnaire when the vendor won't provide their plan. It is provided as part of your enrollment fee for this webinar.

How To Access Your Materials

Course materials are provided online. You will receive access instructions via separate email.

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Assessing The Effectiveness Of Your Vendor's BCP
Price: $479.00
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