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Writing Teller Training Procedures

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Writing Teller Training Procedures
About This Course:
Your financial institution's most precious asset is its frontline, so join us for an overview on writing teller training and procedures.

This program will take a look at procedures for the teller, including what needs to go into the procedures, what needs to stay out, and who should write the procedures?What You'll Learn:
  • What categories of procedures and training should you concentrate on when you begin
  • Simple procedures and rules that help new tellers
  • Breaking down the content so you can begin your own manual or online learning program
  • Endorsements from A to Z
  • How money moves and why it is important
  • How to place holds and identify risky situations
  • Understanding the CTR
  • Red Flags for money laundering
  • Handling Checks on business accounts
  • Handling Checks after death
  • Substitute checks, postal money orders and treasury checks
  • Professional conduct - dress code, professional skills and more
  • Using experienced tellers to help mentor the new ones
Bonus: You also receive a template with over 400 pages that you can use to begin your training and written procedures.
Writing Teller Training Procedures
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Course Details
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