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Vendor Management Training Courses

Vendor Management Training Courses

Learn how to implement and manage a compliant Vendor Management program!

Increased regulatory focus on vendor management has placed a greater burden on financial institutions to build a compliant program that meets FFIEC Guidance and GLBA 501(b) requirements for 3rd party oversight.

Our Vendor Management training courses cover the key components of a compliant vendor management program so that you can build or augment your program to meet regulatory requirements.

What You'll Learn From Our Vendor Management Training Courses

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Vendor inventory (Determining which vendors belong in your program)
  • Due diligence (What to collect and what to do with it once you have it)
  • Risk rating
  • Contract review
  • Contract management
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Best Practices

Our Vendor Management Training Courses

Certified Regulatory Vendor Program ManagerCertified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager

The Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager (CRVPM) course provides you with the regulatory knowledge, implementation methodology, and the best practices required to build and manage a compliant program and properly prepare for regulatory exams and audits.

You also receive the CRVPM Reference Guide, which is updated throughout the year as new regulations, bulletins, and rules are issued and as new trends and best practices emerge.

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Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager - Level II, Advanced Course

The course then goes on to addresses the five components of the vendor management lifecycle including:Certified Regulatory Vendor Program Manager - Level II, Advanced Course
  • Outsource Planning
  • Vendor Selection/Due Diligence
  • Contract Management
  • Periodic Review and Oversight
  • Exit Strategy
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Vendor Site Visits

The course includes observations you should be making before you even set foot in the vendor's facility and questions that you should be asking once you arrive. We even dive into the intangibles that you should develop a feel for about the vendor's staff and their interactions with one another.Vendor Site Visits

Included Materials:
  • Course Workbook
  • Site Visit Planning Worksheet
  • Vendor Site Visit ScoreCard
  • Certificate of Completion
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Outsource Planning and Exit StrategyOutsource Planning and Exit Strategy

This course begins with a review of the regulatory guidance concerning Outsource Planning and Exiting a 3rd party relationship. It then provides a detailed study of the 12 key components of outsource planning, followed by an in-depth discussion of the issues which must be considered when Exiting or Transitioning from one 3rd party to another - or even bringing the service back in-house.

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Contract Issues & Exposures

This online course reviews the regulatory recommendations from all FFIEC agencies concerning contractual terms and conditions, as well as the issues and exposures that can result when the contractual bases aren?t thoroughly covered.Contract Issues & Exposures

You should take this course if:
  • If you think that a Statement of Work is as good as a contract
  • If you think that your vendor will take responsibility for its vendor relationships on its own
  • If you haven't thought about the data format, data integrity and fees for getting your data back from your vendor at end of contract term
  • If you haven't thought about requiring your vendor to comply with current and future regulatory requirements
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