Writing Clear Instructions And Procedures

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About This Course:
Our Writing Clear Instructions and Procedures course is designed for professionals who need to provide detailed instructions or procedures to assist the intended reader in accomplishing a task.

This course teaches the skills required to write instructions and procedures such as how to complete a transaction, use software, install hardware, or change a defective part. The program contains assignments, practice activities, and written competency exams.

Similar to how college classes work, you do your assigned work on your own, then submit it to your instructor, who grades, comments upon, and returns the assignment to you. The instructor will coach you in this way until you master the skills. FYI, your instructor is also available via email or phone.

Course Outline:

  • Evaluate your readers
  • Perform a task analysis
  • Identify tasks, steps, and actions
  • Anticipate errors and identify remedies
  • Write the introduction and conclusion
  • Write the tasks, steps, actions, possible errors, and remedies
  • Use speed boxes and other aids
  • Use visual aids when possible
  • Use clear, simple sentences
  • Use vocabulary the readers understand
  • Create a visual blueprint
  • Test accuracy and usability
  • Edit and proofread

How To Access Your Course:

This course has 12 lessons or approximately 30 hours of study. You may complete lessons at your own pace, as long as you finish them within four months from date of registration. Instructions for accessing your course materials, plus your Instructor's contact information, will be emailed to you within two business days of registration.

Writing Clear Instructions And Procedures
Price: $295.00
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