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Writing And Implementing Effective And Compliant E-Disclosures

Webinar: ID# 1010212
About This Course:
Banks engaged in electronic banking are legally obligated to create e-disclosures that spell out compliance rules in a clear and complete manner that is not open to individual interpretation.

Unfortunately, many financial institutions have unwittingly issued noncompliant e-disclosures and established unlawful online banking programs in violation of E-SIGN.What You'll Learn:Are you confident your bank's written e-disclosure document supports your e-statement program in compliance with the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act?

This program reveals how to write and distribute effective, compliant e-disclosures. You'll leave armed with the skills and confidence necessary to create well-written e-disclosures in support of your bank's e-statement program. Here is just some of what we'll cover:
  • What is E-SIGN, and what does it require of e-disclosures?
  • Top 10 e-disclosure mistakes
  • E-SIGN e-disclosure requirements: What are you required to tell customers? What constitutes lawful, well-written e-disclosures?
  • Communicating consumer consent provisions, tech requirements & mandatory info in writing
  • Potentially costly consequences of noncompliance
  • Writing in a clear, convincing, conversational tone
  • Writing logically, incorporating effective sentence, paragraph, and document structure
  • Writing for results, motivating consumers to opt-in
  • Communicating dry facts effectively: Disclosing without boring your audience
  • Overcoming fears, apprehensions, and insecurities about e-disclosure writing
  • Managing tone & language for consumers who may not share your technical expertise
  • Timely information, expert advice, best practices, and compliance tips to implement immediately
Intended Audience

This informative session is a must to ensure legally compliant e-banking. Compliance officers, risk managers, online banking personnel, operations managers, business development managers, and others charged with writing e-disclosures and managing online banking, E-SIGN, e-statements, and e-disclosures will benefit from this program.
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