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When An Employee Dies

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Though the death of an employee needs to be communicated promptly and with sensitivity, many managers and employees have questions about how to make these announcements and how to encourage ongoing healthy communication among employees.

And beyond the communication challenges you face, there are nuts-and-bolts issues, such as payroll, benefits, and taxes, that you're also responsible for. Each requires tact, precision, and a touch of compassion for family members and co-workers.

To help you manage both the emotional and practical aspects involved with the death of an employee, we've teamed up a psychologist and bereavement expert with a payroll and HR specialist. Their expertise will help you discover:
  • Key words and phrases to use when announcing the death of an employee
  • Key words and phrases you must NEVER use
  • How to identify an employee who is struggling and in need of counseling services
  • The five legal steps you must take when an employee dies
  • The four essential payroll questions you must answer before you cut that final check
  • Bereavement leave - policies and rights
  • Pension distributions
  • Tax withholding
  • Reporting to the Social Security Administration
  • Filing with the IRS...and more
From the role of social media to making sure your bereavement policy can pass EEOC muster to the amount of detail you provide to how to offer counseling, "When an Employee Dies" will help you respond promptly and properly.
Course Details
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