Utilizing Graphs and Charts in Microsoft® Excel®

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Recorded CD
About This Course:

  • Selecting Data to Be Used in a Chart
  • Create Charts Instantly – Either on the Same Worksheet as the Data or on a Separate Sheet
  • Change the Chart Type: Column, Bar, Line, Pie, etc. – Selecting the Best Chart for the Occasion
  • Setting up Charts Based on Noncontiguous Data or Based on Data From Different Worksheets
  • Change the Location of a Chart – From/To Current Worksheet, To/From a Separate Sheet
  • Chart Terminology – Legends, Gridlines, Axes, Chart Area, Plot Area, Walls, Floors, etc.
  • Moving, Copying, Re-Sizing and Deleting Charts on a Worksheet
  • Quick Entire-Chart Formatting Options
  • Re-Formatting Legends, Gridlines, Axes and Backgrounds
  • Adding Labels, Error Bars and Trend Lines to Charts
  • Special Features for 3-D Charts
  • Combination Charts – Using Lines and Column – Together on the Same Chart

Dennis Taylor, Taylor Associates

  • Writer and presenter of more than 50 different video training DVDs, CDs and tapes on various Excel® versions since 1995
  • Writer and presenter of more than 200 web seminars on a variety of Excel® topics
  • Presenter of more than 200 public seminars on Excel® throughout the United States
  • Taught more than 3,000 hands-on classes with more than 20,000 attendees
  • More than 20 years of experience providing desktop software training and consulting for Fortune 500 companies, universities and government agencies
  • Wrote, Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel® 2000, and writer and co-writer of five other books on spreadsheet software
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Utilizing Graphs and Charts in Microsoft® Excel®
Available on CD format
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