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Update On Real Estate Secured Loan Review And Credit Risk

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Loans gone bad - learn what to look for when negotiating, structuring, and closing a loan to reduce your risk.

Many loans are negotiated, structured, documented, and closed without a true understanding of what the risks and potential defects really are with respect to those loans. Many times these loans are performed without any issues so the same mistakes are repeated over and over.

But when a loan goes bad, whether for reasons specific to that loan or a change in the market (as we all experienced in 2008), and these risks and defects come to the surface, the recovery on that loan (and many times the security of the person who was responsible for originating that loan), hangs in the balance of whether those risks and potential defects were properly accounted for in structuring, underwriting and documenting the deal.

This live webinar will help people responsible for the underwriting, structuring, documenting, and closing of loans to recognize these risks upfront and how to structure and document the deal in order to avoid or otherwise mitigate against these risks and potential defects.


Who Is the Borrower (Multiple Borrowers/Guarantors)

  • The Structure Matters - Fraudulent Transfer Risk
  • Financial Statements - Do You Really Have the Credit Support You Think You Do

What Is the Nature of Your Collateral

  • Lien Exceptions – Do You Really Understand Them?
  • Borrower and Third-Party Rights
  • Accounts
  • Title Insurance and Surveys

What Type of Loan

  • Construction Loan/Future Advances/Reserves
  • Leasing and Tenant Improvements
  • Operating Covenants – DSCR/Calculating NOI

Key Issues to Keep in Mind – What Will They Think of Next?

  • Sham Guaranty Defense
  • River Island
  • Tousa Legacy

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Update On Real Estate Secured Loan Review And Credit Risk
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