The ACH Audit & Risk Assessment: What You Need To Know

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About This Course:

Spend two hours with an ACH Auditor and hear what she looks for when performing the ACH Audit and ACH Risk Assessment.

Every financial institution must perform an ACH Audit annually. Effective January 1, 2019 the ACH Rules changed and the information in Appendix Eight is moving to the Audit Guidelines. Join us in this session to discuss what this change means to your bank. We will discuss the current area's in Appendix Eight and offer suggestions on what you may want to change when completing your audit. The ACH Risk Assessment needs to have been completed once and then performed every time there are changes to your ACH program and when your possible risks change. These are two very important and sometimes confusing tasks. Join us to learn the difference between an ACH assessment and an audit, what you're looking for when completing both and how to avoid common mistakes and violations.

What You'll Learn:

Upon completion of this program you will learn:

  • The audit requirements for all ACH participants
  • Where others have been non-compliant and how not to make the same mistakes
  • What auditors should be looking for when performing the ACH audit
  • The importance of the ACH risk assessment
  • Areas that should be included in the ACH risk assessment

Your speaker is an ACH Auditor - get all your ACH audit and risk assessment questions answered by attending this webinar.

Who Should Attend:

Compliance, audit, operations, risk management and senior management.
The ACH Audit & Risk Assessment: What You Need To Know
or via CD or On-Demand
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