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Safe Deposit

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Did you inherit the safe deposit area and then start wondering what liability might exist? Historically this responsibility has been routinely passed from employee to employee with very little attention given to existing procedures or documentation. Unfortunately, only after a loss occurs does management turn its attention to this area.

Questions regarding current lawsuits, Suspicious Activity Reports, self-service boxes, deceased renters, living trusts, past due boxes and many other legal, liability and compliance topics have caused great concern and confusion for the safe deposit industry.

At this workshop you will receive current information about these issues and an in-depth explanation about how they impact your financial institution and your safe deposit box renters.

David McGuinn, a nationally known expert in the safe deposit area, answers hundreds of questions each month. He will provide clear concise answers to the "Most Frequently Asked" questions regarding your institution's responsibility and potential liability. He will also identify and discuss many other current issues relating to safe deposit.What You'll Learn:Get answers and updates to the following questions and establish internal procedures to comply with state and federal safe deposit requirements.

  1. Can money, guns or drugs be legally stored inside a box?
  2. How can renters access boxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  3. Can you add a “Payable on Death” or "Living Trust" to a contact?
  4. Why must all box renters receive a "No Insurance" disclosure form?
  5. What current safe deposit burglaries are TV reporters now covering?
  6. How can proper vault closing procedures eliminate overnight guests?
  7. Who can legally enter a deceased (single) renter’s box in most states?
  8. How can incorrect box drilling procedures make a box renter very rich?
  9. What seven suspicious safe deposit transactions always trigger a SAR?
  10. How can con men open a safe deposit box door in under three seconds?
Safe Deposit
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