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Robber Proof Your Bank Or Credit Union Before It's Too Late

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This webinar is all about understanding you, the robbery, and your safety during a robbery. The topics covered include understanding robbery and robber behavior and what your behavior should be during a robbery.

Additionally, we will discuss the many ways to mitigate being robbed as well as being trained in what to do prior to, during, and after a real robbery.

The benefit to you is awareness that what you do to prevent robberies and what you do if it happens will increase your knowledge about safety and survival.


The Reality of a Robbery, It's up to You
Understanding the Criminal Robber and the Crime of Robbery
Robbery Prevention and How to Avoid a Robbery
What Happens When a Robbery Happens?
It Is All About Your Safety and the Safety of the Customers
The Robbery Is Over, What Now?
What About You When the Robbery Is Over?
About The Presenter

Tom Lekan
  • More than thirty years of experience beginning with ten years in law enforcement as a police officer who responded to many real and false bank and credit union robberies, and was present when a fellow law enforcement officer was fatally shot at a bank robbery
  • Oversaw bank security for a large regional bank for fourteen years, and recently was the bank consultant and acting security director for a smaller regional bank for six months
  • During the time he was at the bank there were about one hundred and fifty to two hundred robberies a year including many takeover robberies, several shootings, one fatal to a bank employee, and a police officer severely wounded while working at a branch
  • Since retiring from the bank he has continued as a consultant and expert witness in violent crimes including bank robbery
  • Currently a retained consultant to a large Texas Credit Union and has been for eight years
  • Lectured extensively at a local college and to bank and credit union audiences
  • Wrote the article titled "Credit Union Robbery Prevention, Best Practices for Prevention and Safety" that is included with this presentation
  • Degree in criminology and a Certified Protection Professional achieving lifetime status from ASIS International
Robber Proof Your Bank Or Credit Union Before It's Too Late
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