Managing E-Sign, E-Statements, And E-Disclosures

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About This Course:
Are you confident your e-statement program is compliant with legal and regulatory guidelines? Many banks have unwittingly established unlawful online banking programs that are in violation of the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act.

If you are caught operating a noncompliant program, every e-statement you've ever sent could be deemed legally invalid. Regulatory fines, defense costs, and legal settlements could far exceed the potential savings e-statements provide.What You'll Learn:Banks engaged in electronic banking are legally obligated to adhere to the E-SIGN Act. E-SIGN disclosure rules prohibit banks from implementing wholesale switchovers, in which all customers are automatically converted to e-statements. Instead, E-SIGN requires customers to opt-in before receiving e-statements.

Paper statements must be available for those who lack the technology (or desire) to view statements electronically. Are you managing e-statements, e-disclosures, and other e-records effectively and compliantly? Join us for a review of related compliance risks, rules, policies, and best practices, including:
  • What is E-SIGN and what does it require?
  • Why and how banks typically mismanage E-SIGN compliance
  • E-SIGN e-disclosure requirements
  • What are you required to tell customers?
  • What constitutes a lawful, well-written e-disclosure?
  • Understanding and complying with E-SIGN consumer consent provisions and processes
  • Why and how customers must prove technological competence to receive e-statements
  • Potentially costly consequences of noncompliance
  • What to do if your bank is violating E-SIGN
  • Growing your e-statement program - compliantly and successfully
  • Timely information, expert advice, best practices, and compliance tips to implement immediately
Intended Audience

This informative session is a must to ensure legally compliant e-banking. Compliance officers, risk managers, online banking personnel, operations managers, business development managers, and others charged with managing online banking, E-SIGN, e-statements, and e-disclosures will benefit from this program.
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