Loan Officer Sales and Marketing Boot Camp

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About This Course:
Many of us have dreams and commitments to be the best. However, often times we just don't know how to get there.

Ron Vaimberg will teach you exactly what to focus on as well as specific action items that will consistently increase your originations regardless of market conditions.

You will learn:

  • The critical differences between sales and marketing and how to implement "Turn Key" success strategies based on both
  • how to increase your originations consistently with less stress then you ever imagined possible
  • Why customers make buying decisions and how to tap into those motivators to lead customers to a buying decision
  • Building rapport on a subconscious level compelling your prospects to want to do business with you
  • Overcoming interest rate and closing costs objections
  • Creating a referral network that triples every 60 days without cold-calling
  • The critical mistakes that loan officers make and how to turn them into advantages
  • And much, much more...

Experience the energy and passion that Ron Vaimberg delivers in this live recording of one of Ron's sell out boot camp presentations. Ron's 3 hour performance will give you tons of actions items that you can turn into increased originations and profits immediately.

Recorded on 3 cd's from a live presentation


"Ron Vaimberg is an outstanding speaker that most importantly understands the "True Nature" of sales people. It's this understanding of what it takes to be a great loan officer from both an implementation and mindset perspective that makes him such a great teacher."
Tim Braheem, Former CEO -
"If I were setting up training for my mortgage group, I would want to have an industry veteran like Ron Vaimberg leading the way. Ron is not only a veteran of the mortgage industry, he is an energetic leader who believes in his message.

I truly believe that the purpose of education is not to fill their minds with facts-but to light their fire. Ron is a speaker who does just that."

Dave Hershman -OriginationPro Mortgage School

Loan Officer Sales and Marketing Boot Camp
Price: $149.00
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