Information Governance For Banking And Financial Services

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About This Course:
Information is the lifeblood of commerce in the 21st century and few industries face greater challenges when it comes to managing information than financial institutions and financial services, where dizzying volumes and varieties of sensitive data, extensive federal, state, and global regulation, complex and rapidly evolving technologies, and competitive pressures both internal and external all combine to create a near-perfect storm for those tasked with the closely related domains of information governance, privacy, and data protection.

This content will review the fundamentals of information governance and related issues for banks and financial services firms. Understand the essential elements and objectives of a successful information governance program, the legal landscape within which banks and financial services firms must manage such programs, and some of the particular challenges created by the increasingly global stage on which such entities operate. And, because information governance is inextricably intertwined with privacy and data protection, the content will address that intersection and key considerations for incorporating privacy and data protection into a successful IG program.

Knowledge is only useful if those charged with action understand how to use it. To that end, the material will focus on practical strategies for designing and implementing a 21st-century information governance program. Understand the roles and essential characteristics of sound records retention policies and schedules, data maps, and other mission-critical policies and procedures. Learn how in many areas, problems created by technology are being solved by technology, and spend some time separating myth from reality.

Finally, hear about one of the hottest topics in IG today, Defensible disposition. Learn the warning signs of data hoarding and a framework for doing something about it. Again, the material is intended to be highly practical, so takeaways will include strategies not only for diagnosing problems, but also real-world techniques and use cases for solving them in manners consistent with legal and regulatory obligations, including litigation holds, and business needs.


What Is Information Governance?
  • Sitting ‘Round the Table: The Information Governance Reference Model
  • The World According to GARP (Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles)
The Legal Landscape: Key FinServ Laws and Regulations
  • U.S. and Global Regulations
  • Must and Can't? Reconciling Conflicting Obligations
The Many Faces of Data-Related Risk
Privacy, the New IG Imperative
Modernizing Records Retention
  • Document Retention in a Paperless World
  • Cornerstones: Retention Policies, Schedules, and Data Maps
  • Ground Rules: Key IG Policies and Procedures
  • Technology vs. Technology
  • InfoGov by Design
  • The Holy Grail: Autoclassification
Defensible Disposition
  • Hoarders, Inc.: Conditions, Causes, and Consequences of Overretention
Calls to Action
  • Short-, Mid-, and Long-Term Opportunities to Enhance IG in Most Organizations
About The Presenter

Jeffrey C. Sharer
  • Partner and Co-Chair of Akerman LLP's Data Law Practice
  • Concentrates his practice in the increasingly business-critical area of information law; practice encompasses information governance, electronic discovery, and privacy and data protection
  • Helps clients mitigate risk, reduce cost, and create business value through sound, end-to-end governance of enterprise data
  • Deep understanding of both law and technology helps clients proactively meet the legal, compliance, and other challenges associated with the "digital deluge"
  • Advises clients on the development and implementation of records retention policies and schedules, litigation preparedness and discovery strategy, defensible disposition of email and other electronic and hard copy information, and "e-policies" such as "bring your own device," social media, information classification, and data privacy
  • J.D. degree, high honors, University of Chicago Law School; A.B. degree in economics and psychology, University of Michigan
Information Governance For Banking And Financial Services
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