Identifying and Combating ATM Skimming

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About This Course:
This session will take a comprehensive look at ATM Skimming and how it is affecting the banking industry and law enforcement.  The presentation will discuss the various criminal groups that are engaging in this type of activity and will focus on the sophisticated hardware being used as well as the modus operandi being deployed.  

In addition, this session will also focus on ways to identify, prevent, and reduce losses associated with ATM skimming. Through education, proactive measures, inspection, intelligence sharing, and active cooperation between law enforcement, the banking industry and ATM manufacturers, we have an opportunity to combat this ever growing threat to the financial industry.

Covered Topics:

  • Identification of the groups engaged in ATM Skimming and their global reaches
  • Explanation of how ATM Skimming operations are conducted and the various modus operandi that are being used
  • A discussion of new trends that are developing throughout the United States and elsewhere in ATM skimming
  • Methods and techniques to prevent, identify, investigate and counteract ATM skimming operations
  • How to increase intelligence sharing between the banking industry, law enforcement and ATM manufacturers

Who Should Attend

This seminar is directed towards all employees of financial institutions dealing with ATM physical security, fraud loss mitigation or tasked with investigating debit card fraud.  All law enforcement personnel tasked to investigate fraud loss due to ATM skimming are also encouraged to participate.

The Presenter

Detective Mark Solomon is a 18 year veteran of the Greenwich Connecticut Police Department. For the past 11 years, Det. Solomon has been assigned to the Greenwich Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division.

In December of 2008, Det. Solomon was assigned to the, "Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force". The Task Force has the authority to investigate all financially related crimes occurring in or having a nexus to the State of Connecticut.

Since March of 2009, Det. Solomon and the CT Financial Crimes Task Force have investigated a number of ATM Skimming incidents occurring in CT and along the along the Eastern Seaboard.

With the cooperative efforts of Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement, and various financial institutions, the task force has been able to arrested, or has assisted in the arrest of more than 30 suspects involved in ATM Skimming.

In April of 2009, Det. Solomon and the task force created an Intelligence Sharing Network in regards to ATM skimming. Currently the network has more than 300 members from the law enforcement, financial institutions and ATM manufacturers across the country as well as a number of global participants.

Det. Solomon has trained many law enforcement agencies as well as financial institutional employees and ATM manufacturers in regards to ATM Skimming Schemes.

Det. Solomon is also an active member of the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI). In 2010, Det. Solomon received the IAFCI's CT Chapter Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award as well as the International MasterCard/IAFCI Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award. Currently, he is the CT Chapter President of the IAFCI.

Identifying and Combating ATM Skimming
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