Handling Consumer ACH Disputes

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About This Course:
Banks are often faced with handling consumer disputes of ACH debits - what we call "Sticky Situations". Some of these issues recently came to light via the FDIC's June 2019 issue of Consumer Compliance Highlights reported findings of non-compliance by banks, namely handling consumer claims of unauthorized ACH debits.

Unfortunately, many situations aren't covered in the ACH Rules book guidelines nor is there any clear direction from other resources. Failing to handle these situations correctly places the bank in a position of non-compliance, and opens the door to financial losses, reputational risk and legal risk.

This session focuses on some of the most common disputes and provides staff with a basic understanding of what is required to maintain compliance plus tips on handling these issues from both a frontline and Operations perspective. The course concludes with some real life "sticky situations" where attendees try their hand at solving the issue while balancing compliance obligations with customer service.

This training session is excellent for either someone new to these situations or as a refresher for those of us who have a few ACH battle wounds. What You'll Learn:
  • Balancing the ACH Rules with Regulation E

    • Notice vs. WSUD
    • 60 vs. 60
    • What's really "unauthorized?"
    • To investigate or to return
  • Impacts of state laws
  • Sticky Situations
  • Stop Payments
  • Revoked Authorizations
  • Frauds and Scams
  • Incomplete Transactions
  • Bank liability
  • Documenting & reporting claims
  • Case studies
Bonus Materials

All attendees receive:
  • A copy of the "Sticky Situations" that you can use for internal training
  • Infor for the FDIC's Consumer Compliance Highlights from June 2019
Sample Questions

Below are some questions from previous sessions that this session can help you answer:
  • If a consumer makes a claim of an unauthorized ACH Debit after 60 days, can we deny the claim?
  • If our frontline tells a customer "we'll take care of it" (or similar language) and our operations department finds there is nothing we can do or we are not obligated to do anything, are we at risk because of the initial statement?
  • Can we refuse a claim when a customer refuses to (or just doesn't) complete a WSUD for an unauthorized ACH debit, since we don't have the paperwork necessary to return the entry?
Who Should Attend

This informative session is designed for anyone in the institution responsible for managing ACH disputes, particularly Operations, Branch Managers, Call Center personnel, Tellers, Customer Service representatives, Risk Managers, Compliance, Audit, Retail Managers, Trainers, and Senior Management.
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