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Fringe Benefit Workshop: What's Taxable, How To Report It, & How To Avoid The IRS Crackdown

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Thousands of employers have been snared in the IRS's all-out initiative to increase employment-tax audits-its first such initiative in 25 years. A main target: the tax treatment and reporting of employee fringe benefits.

The IRS says too many employers misunderstand which fringe benefits are taxable and how they should be reported for payroll purposes. That's resulted in a major tax gap, the IRS says. And the agency is on a mission to get that money back from you!

Join us to review your fringe benefits to ensure they comply with federal and state payroll tax regulations. In this timely webinar, Mindy Mayo, an employment tax expert and frequent speaker on this topic, will answer:
  • What is the IRS crackdown focusing on-and how can you stay in compliance?

  • What are the potentially excludable fringe benefits you can offer employees? And what record-keeping is necessary to document these benefits?

  • How do you compute the value of a "good" or a "service"? And how do you handle the payroll tax consequences for those items considered taxable?

  • Which benefits provided to employees are taxable and how are these reported for payroll purposes?

  • How do you calculate your exposure to an audit if you have some items that should have been considered wages subject to payroll taxation?
Employment taxes make up more than 44% of federal tax collections. And the IRS sees a lot of potential unreported income in employee fringe benefits.

In one case, the IRS hit IBM with a $7.5 million tax bill, saying meal allowances that IBM paid to its employees were taxable. IBM had thought they were a de minimis fringe benefit.

Don't make the same mistake. Learn how to accurately and confidently handle the accounting and reporting of fringe benefits. Join us to stop the guessing game and erase your fear of an IRS or state audit.
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