Excel Training: How To Use Internal Control Features

Webinar: ID# 1002875
About This Course:
Excel's "Internal Controls" function provides various ways to control your actions within an Excel spreadsheet, including how to protect worksheets and workbooks from unauthorized changes. It also can help financial model owners to monitor the use of the spreadsheet, identify unauthorized use of the model, and help minimize maintenance when changes are required.

In this educational webcast, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, shows you how to implement internal control features within your Excel spreadsheets. David uses a simple invoice form as a teaching aid to demonstrate various ways to control users' actions within an Excel spreadsheet as well as to protect worksheets and workbooks from unauthorized changes.

David's courses are fast-paced, and attendees often are surprised at the amount of ground he covers in a session. He welcomes participants' questions, so come ready to pick his brain. His detailed handouts serve as reference tools you can fall back on after participating in one of his webcasts. In addition, he provides an Excel workbook that includes a majority of the examples he uses during each session. What You'll Learn:By attending this training session, you will learn how to:
  • Use look-up formulas to look up data automatically from lists
  • Apply lookup formulas to gather data automatically from lists
  • Identify how to use Excel's Table feature to future-proof elements in your spreadsheets
  • Use Excel's Data Validation feature to restrict data entry to a list of permissible choices
  • Compare and contrast IFNA, IFERROR, and ISERROR functions and learn which versions of Excel support these worksheet functions
  • Create an in-cell list by way of Excel's Data Validation feature
  • Future-proof VLOOKUP by using Excel's Table feature versus referencing static ranges
  • Go behind the scenes in a workbook to check for worksheets that can't be viewed or hidden from Excel's primary user interface
  • Improve the integrity of your spreadsheets with Excel's VLOOKUP function
  • Learn how to arrange two worksheets from within the same workbook on-screen and at the same time
  • Make it harder for a user to circumvent data validation and easy for you to identify when someone has attempted to do so
  • Minimize ongoing spreadsheet maintenance with Excel's Table feature
  • Preserve key formulas using the Hide and Protect features
  • Restrict users to entering dates within a given range, or before/after a given date
  • Specify a range of whole numbers that a user can enter in a worksheet cell
  • Toggle the Locked status of a worksheet cell on or off by way of a custom shortcut
  • Use Conditional Formatting to identify unlocked cells into which data can be entered
  • Use the SUMIF function to summarize data based on a single criterion
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