Excel Explained: Look-Up Formulas

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About This Course:
Many users rely on VLOOKUP for basic look-up functionality in spreadsheets, but are often unaware of ways to improve the integrity of this venerable function.

In this session, Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA introduces the VLOOKUP function, and then quickly goes beyond the basics. Discover what can go awry with VLOOKUP, how to future-proof the function, and explore alternatives such as MATCH/INDEX, SUMIF, and SUMIFS.

Covered Topics:
  • Improve the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel's VLOOKUP function
  • Don't be caught off-guard by the new IFNA function available to Excel 2013 users
  • Uncover the limitations of VLOOKUP, along with alternatives
  • Discover how to use wildcards and multiple criteria within look-up formulas
  • Perform dual lookups, where you look across columns and down rows to cross reference the data you need
  • See why the MATCH and INDEX combination is often superior to VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP
  • Master the versatile SUMIF function
  • Use the SUMIFS to sum value based on multiple criteria

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine situations where VLOOKUP may return an error or omit desired data
  • Improve the integrity of VLOOKUP by way of the MATCH function and/or Excel's Table feature
  • Utilize the SUMIFS function in Excel 2007 and later for multiple-criteria look-ups
Who Should Attend

Practitioners who rely on look-up functions within their spreadsheets.

The Presenter

David Ringstrom, CPA owns Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based spreadsheet and database consulting firm that he started in 1991. David has written freelance articles about spreadsheets since 1996, some of which have been published internationally. He teaches dozens of webinars on Excel each year, along with speaking at conferences. David coined the phrase "Either you work Excel, or it works you!" Accordingly his sessions are designed to help you turn the tide and become a much more effective spreadsheet user.
Excel Explained: Look-Up Formulas
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