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Certified Bank Teller (CBT)

Certified Bank Teller (CBT)

Searching for CBT training? Then you've come to the right place!

Bank Training Center offers CBT program information for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious Certified Bank Teller certification.

The Certified Bank Teller (CBT) designation is the undisputed professional credential for financial services professionals who have completed the AIB Bank Teller Certificate and who function as bank tellers.

The CBT designation signifies that an individual working in this field has attained comprehensive training in the following professional knowledge areas: Teller Operations, Sales and Service, Banking Basics, Specific Business Competencies, and Ethics.


Candidates must pass an examination that covers the knowledge areas below:

1. Teller Operations (65% of the exam)
  • Teller Role and Responsibilities
  • Handling Cash and Checks
  • Transaction Procedures
  • Cash Balancing
  • Bank Services
  • Bank Security
2. Sales and Service (10% of the exam)
  • Effective Referrals
  • Revitalizing Customer Service
  • Introduction to Relationship Selling
3. Banking Basics - Regulatory Compliance for Bank Tellers (10% of the exam)
  • Privacy and Security
    • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)
    • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
    • Privacy for Customer Contact Personnel

  • Deposits
    • Expedited Funds Availability Act, Regulation CC
    • Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions, Regulation D
    • Electronic Funds Transfer Act, Regulation E

  • Equal Treatment
    • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
4. Specific Business Competencies (10% of the exam)
  • Dealing Effectively with Co-Workers
  • Business Etiquette
  • Communication and Listening Skills
5. Ethics - Ethical Issues for Bankers (5% of the exam)

Examination Requirements

The qualifying exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions; one-and-a-half hours is provided in which to complete the exam. Candidates may retake the exam if they do not pass; the exam re-take fee is $25. Candidates have the option of taking the exam in one of two formats:
  • A proctored exam at the candidate’s company, with an ICB-certified member serving as exam proctor
  • At an exam site that is within 2 hours driving time from the candidate's company

Additional Requirements

Candidates must meet the experience, education, ethics and examination requirements determined to be competency measures for bank tellers:
  • Professional Experience & Education - A minimum of six (6) months of experience as a bank teller and completion of the American Institute of Banking (AIB) Bank Teller Certificate
  • Professional Reference - One letter of recommendation is required from a senior manager attesting to your qualifications for certification including your experience as a bank teller and your ethical character
  • Ethics Statement - Each candidate must sign ICB's Professional Code of Ethics statement, which is the last page of the application.
  • Application – Candidates must complete and submit an application, affirming that they comply with the eligibility requirements at the time of submission; application fee is $50, covers exam as well

Continuing Education Requirements

Each certificant must complete six (6) credits of continuing education every three (3) years; fifty (50) minutes of instruction equals one (1) credit. Certificants are allowed to carry over up to two (2) credits per three-year cycle.

An annual membership fee of $25 also is required to keep certification active.

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Bank Training Center offers Certified Bank Teller program information for those individuals interested in earning the prestigious CBT certification.

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